Tips to create a great Ad


Please follow these tips to create a great ad on The Ghana Advertiser

Register for  The Ghana Advertiser account: By signing up you minimize the hassle of adding your details to each ad because we’ll automatically add them. Register here
A great title will sell your item:
Type the name, make and brand of the item. (Like 21 Inch LG LED TV, Used Toyota Corolla for sale,  New Samsung 6 Edge, HP Compaq Presario Laptop) Avoid characters (like *-,)),{{, ±, $ # ^), and Using ALL CAPS.

Great and clear photos make a good Ad:
Attach clear photos of the item you’re selling if possible the actual photos. Add at least 8 photos from different angles so that buyers can easily see your item. Uploading your own photos does add credibility.
Plan Your Ad:
Give some good thought to the description; add the condition of the item, (like Brand New or Used for 6 months, ) Add the Specs ( like Toyota Corolla manual 2000cc, petrol, Hp Compaq Core i3, Intel 2.30GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB, Nokia Asha, 2gb Internal, 3Mps camera, comes with charger used for one year, has a cracked screen, unlocked phone, High copy refurbished iPhone 5s )Descriptive and Captivating words attract more potential buyers and even seal the deal.

The price must be right:

Don’t overprice when you’re selling an item. Compare with similar items posted on The Ghana Advertiser and decide on a price that’s fair, Consider the condition, how long you have had the item and what you paid for it originally.

Now you have a great ad Start Selling by clicking Publish.


Posting duplicates or similar items more than ones lower your chances of selling and may lead to your account being automatically banned.